Great social media videos, gifs, animations

Examples within the Ontario Gov

Notes: Effective story telling with a mix of product visuals and people

Notes: The “scribbling” type of instructional videos are quite trendy. Does a good job of guiding a viewer through a process. This one was made in house using videoscribe.

Note: really nice flow in the animation and sounds

Note: Not sure if we do this but sometimes it’s effective to use existing GIFs offered through Twitter to support a post:


Note: Love the clean lines, and colour palette. Could animate the lines coming out with the bubbles appearing to make it more eye catching.

Examples outside of Gov.

 Note: I like the pairing of real people with icons and recognizable emoticons – and the visualization of what the girls are saying

Note: I like the interaction of the human hand with the illustrations

Note: PHD tested 2 video formats for ads and their vertical videos did 2x and 4x better in terms of watch time. Things to consider is that when people see a video on their smart phone, they are not likely to rotate their phone unless they are watching a full video (music video, trailer, interview etc). Because they do not rotate, when you create a horizontal video, it would show up much smaller on their phone if it’s not rotated. A horizontal video would take up more of their screen.

Note: Another example of human interaction but this time with an image

flicking the moon cinemagraph

Note: Great story telling about a business idea

Note: I like the idea of doing  live videos with specialists in the field – Maybe for new start ups trying to learn about funding through one of our programs… have someone who understands acceptance criteria and we can answer questions that people have.

Note: Cool cinemagraph showing motion at different depths of the image

skateboarders cinemagraph

Note: I like the simplicity of text on bright plain backgrounds – could maybe create a template like this for “congrats” shareable where we can update the text to include company’s name/handle

Note: Just a cute google doodle that I like.

 google doodle animation

I couldn’t embed a Facebook cover but this page does a good job of using a video cover to support their business:

Example template for our congrats messages