teaBOT Inc.

teaBOT Inc. offers custom on-the-go loose leaf tea via a robotic kiosk.

My work with them included:

Service design on their kiosks

  • analyzed data from transactions to pinpoint barriers
  • developed prototypes and did user testing to understand difficulties in the ordering process
  • designed new screens and rewrote content

Packaging design

There was an issue with their cost for packaging and shipping. By redesigning their packaging, sourcing new suppliers, and finding alternative shipping solutions, I was able to reduce their product costs by over 30%.

I also wrote new descriptions and photographed the products for their e-commerce shop.

Cup design

I assisted in the strategy to personalize teaBOT’s offerings by city. As part of this strategy, I redesigned the cups to include elements that would tie the cups to each city that they are located in.

Posters and social media graphics

This included both print and digital collateral.

Social media content development was for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

teabot poster